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We understand our clients cannot afford to lose. We know they need results, not excuses. That is why we vigorously defend — and regularly win — the most difficult types of criminal trials and appeals. We are criminal trial and appeal lawyers as well as academic scholars and writers. This broad perspective allows us to employ creative, audacious, cutting-edge strategies. Many of our cases are high-profile murder trials or appeals. Many others involve professionals (doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, etc) facing allegations of sexual assault, assault, or other serious offences. Others involve disadvantaged clients fighting against corrupt or unfair allegations.

Toronto criminal lawyers, Nathan Gorham and Breana Vandebeek, address the media after the jury finds their client “not guilty” of dangerous driving causing death. (2019)


We win tough cases. It is true that past success does not guarantee future success. But the best criminal lawyers understand how to undermine false evidence. We have a long track record of success in the most complex and difficult cases involving allegations of murder, manslaughter, sexual assault, assault, and others. Contact us to get more information on our successful cases.

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Many of our clients come to us after they have lost at trial. By that point, they have a major problem. The Canadian justice system seeks finality, and the appeal process is not always effective at detecting wrongful convictions. This means the odds may be stacked against the appellant–even innocent ones, who have been wrongfully convicted. We understand the problem because we are experienced appeal lawyers who bring a creative, academic approach to our appeal strategies. Book a consultation.

Toronto appeal lawyers, Nathan Gorham and Breana Vandebeek, speak to the media following a high profile sexual assault appeal.

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A Unique Perspective

Toronto criminal lawyer, Nathan Gorham holds a Master of Laws and Doctor of Juridical Science (the highest degree possible in legal studies) from the University of Toronto. In 2022, he was appointed King’s Counsel, a legal order recognized by Courts as denoting extensive courtroom experience and exceptional contribution to the legal profession.  He also teaches the Homicide (murder) and Wrongful Conviction course at the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law. Breana Vandebeek is currently a Master of Laws candidate at the University of Toronto. She has extensive appellate experience. She and Mr. Gorham are co-authors of a best-selling textbook on defending drug cases. Together they bring a creative and academically minded approach to the defence of criminal trials and appeals. Contact us at (416) 410-4814 (Toronto), (506) 800-2036 (Atlantic Canada), or info@gvlaw.ca.

Legal Commentary

Toronto Criminal Lawyer, Nathan Gorham, speaks with the news media outside of the courthouse in Toronto, Ontario

Toronto criminal lawyer, Nathan Gorham, provides expert commentary on television and in national newspapers. He has addressed issues relating to major murder prosecutions, police corruption in drug prosecutions, the defence of sexual assault cases, as well as firearms legislation.

Mr. Gorham also speaks regularly at professional and academic conferences regarding criminal trial and appeal issues. Recently, he has lectured on the following areas of criminal law: the professional responsibility of defence lawyers in sexual assault trials; the detention of innocent people in the bail system; as well as the constitutional disclosure principles in major drug and firearms prosecutions.

Television Analysis

Newsprint commentary


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*Past results reflect a lawyer’s experience but do not necessarily predict future success because trials and appeals are decided on the specific facts of the case.